How to Build a Comic Book Wall

Vibrant colors and dynamic graphics make comic book art ideal for wall adornment. Build a comic book-style wall for a bedroom, playroom or craft area. You could make your own comic story or use your favorite story. Although you probably don't want to sacrifice your best comic books, look for comic books in less than perfect condition at comic book stores, flea markets, garage sales and online. The many options include vintage superhero comic books and graphic novels. Choose a story with art that speaks to you, and incorporate it into your design scheme.

Create a comic book wall for a child's room.

Step 1

Measure the wall to determine how many comic book pages you will need. Create a mock layout on the floor below the wall to figure out what you want the design to look like. Ideas include laying the pages side by side or overlapping them. Depending on the space available, you could lay story lines horizontally, vertically or at random.

Step 2

Apply wallpaper liner with the wallpaper adhesive. The wallpaper liner creates a smooth base for adhering the comic book pages and will simplify the removal process. Let the adhesive dry completely overnight or for 24 hours.

Step 3

Paint decoupage medium on the back of each comic book page, one page at a time. Add each page to the designated wall in the design or pattern you created. Smooth each page with wallpaper smoother to remove air bubbles and to ensure a flat end product. Fill the whole wall with comic book pages, and then wait for the pages to set in place.

Step 4

Cover the entire wall with decoupage medium by using a paintbrush or paint roller. The decoupage medium will seal the pages.


  • If you use newsprint-style comic books, the ink might run when it comes into contact with the decoupage medium. Test a few pages with decoupage medium before you rip up a whole comic book. If the ink runs, make copies of each page and use the copies instead of the original pages.

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