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How to Fix a KitchenAid Refrigerator Water Dispenser Leak

Mario Calhoun

Water dribbling is normal on your KitchenAid refrigerator's water dispenser, as normal use of the dispenser leaves a few drops well after the dispenser lever is no longer pressed. A persistent water dispenser leak is an indication of a problem with the refrigerator's water system, as the water system requires periodic flushing to maintain the water line and clear out deposits caught in the line. Leakage after the water system is flushed requires immediate repair, as the refrigerator will continue to waste water until the problem is corrected.

Step 1

Open the refrigerator's right door and flip the water filter's compartment cover inside of the refrigerator. The filter compartment is on the back wall and is covered to prevent accidental damage or removal.

Step 2

Pull the filter out of the compartment and insert it back into place. Removing and inserting the filter ensures it is securely in place. Once inserted, the compartment door automatically lowers.

Step 3

Push the compartment cover shut until it clicks the filter in place.

Step 4

Close the refrigerator's door and set the measuring cup on the water dispenser tray. Press what Kitchen Aid terms as a "sturdy container" against the dispenser's pad for five seconds and release it. Wait 5 seconds and press the pad again for 5 seconds to flush the fridge's system.

Step 5

Release and hold the water dispenser's pad until the measuring cup is eventually filled with 3 gallons of water during the flushing process.