How to Decorate Small Apartment Balconies

Even the smallest balcony can become a restful oasis with a little decorating saavy.

Adding just a few items and a splash of color can turn a drab piece of concrete into a place where you'll enjoy spending time.

Go green. One of the easiest, and most attractive things you can add to your apartment balcony is green plants. Even the tiniest balcony has room for a pot or two. Consider growing vegetables or herbs as a fresh alternative to store-bought produce.

Add seating. If your balcony is large enough, adding a chair or two will give you a place to sit and relax while enjoying your outdoor space. For tiny balconies, consider an ottoman or stool instead of a chair.

Consider carpeting. Outdoor carpets and rugs have come of age. No longer limited to that rough, green indoor/outdoor turf, outdoor rugs now come in a variety of stylish patterns and textures. For a small balcony, such rugs are surprisingly affordable and make the space feel more finished and inviting.

Use color to create a mood. Create a warm, welcoming feel on your balcony by using red, orange and yellow pillows, flower pots and other accents. Give your balcony a cool, crisp look by using blues, greens and shades of white.

Light it up. Get your small balcony a little light with candles, both large and small, as well as battery-run lanterns. The soft light will give the space a romantic feel.


  • Be careful not to overdo your small balcony design scheme. A few items are interesting; too many will make the space seem cluttered.