How to Choose a Photo Frame

Lauren Romano

Choosing a photo frame isn’t as simple as grabbing the first one that you see in front of you on the shelf at the store. It takes a little effort and a little planning to pick out the perfect frame for your picture as well as your home.

  1. Choose your frame second to choosing the photo to go in it. You want to choose a frame that accentuates the photo and brings out its colors and details. For example, if you are choosing a frame for a black and white photograph, use a black, white or clear frame. It will make the shading in the photograph pop out a little more.

  2. Pick out frames that work with the colors in the rest of the room. You don’t want to choose a neon green frame if you have a neutral colored room If you have a neutral colored room, opt for choosing a neutral colored frame, such as plain wood. If you have a bright, funky colored room, choose a bright colored frame. If your room has a color palate, such as red, white and black, then choose a frame specific to that color palate.

  3. Choose a frame that is the right size for the photograph and doesn’t take away from it. You main focus should be the picture, not the frame around it. If you have a medium sized picture, choose a medium or small sized frame. Balance the size of the frame to the picture.

  4. Look for a location in your home where you can put the picture frame. When you find the location you know if the picture and the size of the frame will work for that space.

  5. Avoid choosing frames that are too gaudy. Sometimes there can be a fine line between what looks elegant and what looks tacky.