How to Remove a Countertop Back Splash

A backsplash is essentially an extension of your countertop. The tiles adhered vertically along the countertop protect the wall from water and food splashing up onto it. However, if your backsplash is cracked, damaged or outdated, or if you are remodeling your kitchen, you will want to remove the old backsplash so that you can install a new one.

Remove a Countertop Back Splash

Tap the small flathead screwdriver with the hammer gently along the top edge of the backsplash in order to remove the grout. Try not to scratch the wall or damage the paint, especially if you are not planning to repaint the room.

Use the utility knife to cut away any remaining caulk. Make sure the top of the backsplash is no longer adhered to the wall at all.

Slide the putty knife down behind the edge of the end of the backsplash. Gently lift the backsplash away from the wall, doing your best not to damage the wall or peel the paint.

Hold the putty knife vertically straight with the sharp edge placed between the backsplash and the wall. Tap the putty knife lightly with the hammer to pry it away from the wall as much as possible.

Keep the putty knife against the wall and place the pry bar in front of it to prevent damage to the wall. Pry the backsplash completely away from the wall.

Things You Will Need

  • Small flathead screwdriver Utility knife Putty knife Hammer Pry bar


  • If you have a Dremel tool, consider buying a grout removal attachment. This will make removing the backsplash much easier.

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