How to Fax Without a Fax Machine Using Acrobat & E-mail

Faxing by email reduces paper cost and is environmentally friendly.

Faxes are sent by attaching the document file to an email and sending the email to a designated address where an exchange server connects to a fax machine on the other end. Fax through email services greatly enhance mobility, allowing business to be conducted anywhere a laptop and an Internet connection are available.

Select and subscribe to a fax-through-email service that supports Adobe Acrobat documents.

Open an email program on your computer. In the destination address field, type the destination fax number, then the "@" sign followed by the service's domain name. For example Your fax through email service provider will designate the domain server name.

Attach the .pdf document file to the email. Fill in the subject field, if needed. If there is a message for the recipient, type it in the body field of the email program. Depending on your service, the message body may appear as the cover letter on your fax.

Send your email. The fax-through-email service automatically converts the email and attachments into a fax. If your service includes a confirmation feature, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

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