How to Fold a Bed Military Style

The military has its own way of doing things; and making beds is no exception.

While making a bed military style may seem like a daunting task, it's actually very simple and doesn't take much time. It will also give a professional finish to your bed. While you may not be expecting a room inspection any time soon, you can still make your bed to military specifications with very little effort.

Start with clean sheets. No one wants to sleep in dirty sheets, and a fresh, clean set of sheets will be easier to work with.

Apply the bottom sheet. This is very simple, just place the bottom sheet over the mattress, tuck it around the corners, and smooth it down as flat as possible. Make sure there are no wrinkles, and that the sheet is tucked as tightly as possible under the edges of the mattress. If the sheet is big enough, tuck the edges in between the sheet and the bed frame.

Apply the top sheet. Place the top edge of the sheet even with the top edge of the mattress. Make sure the sheet hangs even on both sides of the bed. Tuck the excess sheet under the mattress at the foot of the bed. Fold the corners of the sheet on each side at the foot of the bed into hospital corners, and then tuck the sheet under the mattress, all the way up to the head of the bed. Again, make sure the sheet is tucked as tightly as possible under the edges of the mattress.

Place the blanket on top of the bed. Make sure the top edge of the blanket is even with the top edge of the mattress, and the blanket hangs evenly on both sides of the bed. Then tuck in the foot of the blanket under the foot of the mattress, just as you did with the top sheet. Fold the blanket into hospital corners on the sides, and tightly tuck the sides of the blanket under the mattress. Place your pillow neatly at the top of the bed.

Drop a quarter or other coin on the center of the mattress. If it sinks into the mattress, your sheets and blankets are not pulled tightly enough. If the quarter bounces, the bed meets military specifications.

Things You Will Need

  • Bed
  • Sheets
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Quarter or other coin


  • Make sure you tuck the sheets and blanket neatly and evenly under the mattress; if they are crumpled up under the mattress, the bed will have an untidy appearance.

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