How to Use a Medical Scale

Medical scales, also called mechanical physician's scales, are the scales that you will typically find in your doctor's office. Although there are many doctors that are choosing to upgrade to a digital scale, there are still some that will use the traditional mechanical scale. Most people haven't got the slightest idea how to read the results from this scale, mainly because it has two separate weight bars.

  1. Remove your shoes and set them aside. Taking off your shoes allows a more accurate reading of your weight.

  2. Step onto the scale slowly and stay still.

  3. Move the larger weight to the right slowly. On the end of the scale is a large arrow that signifies the balance of the bars. When this arrow falls all the way down, stop moving the weight and set it in the notch.

  4. Move the small weight to the right. Again, you will need to pay attention to the arrow. Stop moving the weight when the arrow is completely level.

  5. Get the the two numbers the large and small weights are pointing to and add them together. This is your weight.

  6. Slide both of the weights all the way back to the left and get off the platform.

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