How to Troubleshoot a Convection Oven

Unlike a regular oven, convection ovens have hot air circulating throughout during the entire cooking process, thus cooking the food more quickly.

As with any oven, however, you are bound to run into some difficulties. Try troubleshooting your convection oven on your own before calling in a specialist.

Make sure you have turned on the "broil" button if the food does not broil in the oven. Ensure that the shelf is placed in the correct position to broil your particular food item. Your oven's manual should give suggestions for various meats and appropriate shelf locations. To achieve the best broiling results, make sure you're using a pan designed specifically for broiling, and make sure it is cool when you begin.

Make sure your controls are set properly if your oven is not clean after a self-cleaning cycle. Your oven's manual will tell you the correct way to set the cleaning cycle for your particular brand of convection oven. Clean up any heavy spillovers before you begin the cleaning cycle. If your oven is particularly dirty when you begin, you may need to run the self-cleaning cycle twice.

Turn off your oven if excessive smoking comes from your unit during a cleaning cycle. Open the windows in your house and turn on any fans to eliminate the smoke. You'll need to wait until your unit's "locked door" light goes off. At this point, wipe up any soil and reset the clean cycle.

Check to make sure a fuse has not blown, or the circuit breaker has not tripped if the lower oven drawer will not work. If this is not the case, your problem could be because the upper oven is self-cleaning. You'll need to wait for the other oven to finish and for it to cool down before using the bottom drawer.

Remove any liquid in the bottom drawer if you notice excessive condensation. Uncovered foods may also cause condensation, so cover any foods you are cooking. The temperature setting may also be set too high. If this is the case, reduce the temperature.


  • Always check manufacturer recommendations before making adjustments to your convection oven.

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