How to Disassemble the Boon Highchair

Boon Inc.'s pneumatic lift highchairs provide parents with an easy-to-clean molded plastic alternative to traditional multipart highchairs. Pure white or brightly colored, the Boon Flair highchairs, for children age 4 or younger, are BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free. Whether you need to break down one these 28 lb. chairs for a move or to place in storage, Boon Inc. has designed every highchair part for easy access and disassembly.

  1. Slide the tray from the seat by pushing the handles underneath into the tray while pulling the tray toward your body.

  2. Remove the straps from the seat. Each strap has a separate tab at the back of the seat. Squeeze the tab and pull on the strap from the front to remove. Repeat with each strap. Remove the seat pad if you have one.

  3. Lay your chair on its side and locate the two screws holding the cover for the seat base into place.

  4. Select the appropriate screwdriver (cross or flat-headed) and remove the screws, allowing the cover to slide down the support tube.

  5. Unscrew the seat from the seat base.

  6. Go to the highchair base and locate the gray circular area or "disk" underneath and the two plastic tabs in the center that hold the disk to the base.

  7. Unlatch the disk from the bottom of the base by pushing one tab toward the other with a flat-headed screwdriver while pulling on the disk.

  8. Look for a metal tab in the center area revealed with the removal of the gray disk.

  9. Separate the highchair base from the support tube by placing the head of a flat-headed screwdriver under this tab and applying upward pressure to the tab while firmly grasping and pulling the support tube away from the base.


  • Always wear old clothes when disassembling your Boon highchair as grease from the support tube for the pneumatic lift can rub off on clothing. Don't pull apart the highchair on carpet as the grease may also rub off on and possibly stain carpeting. Never disassemble the Boon highchair around young children or leave parts or screwdrivers in areas that children can easily reach.