How to Repair a Waterbed Mattress

Nothing can ruin a comfortable night's sleep on a waterbed faster than a leaky mattress. Luckily, a small hole or leak doesn't mean the demise of your mattress. With a vinyl repair kit and a little bit of effort, you can repair the damage yourself --- as long as it's not too large. Not only can this fairly simple repair add life to your waterbed mattress, but it can also save you the hassle and bills of a repairman or a replacement mattress.

Find the Leak

  1. Locate any water that has collected in your waterbed liner and use a bath towel to soak it up.

  2. Place paper towels along the sides and around the corners of the mattress, or where ever you think the water the water is leaking.

  3. Lay on the bed for a few minutes to apply pressure to the mattress.

  4. Check the paper towels to see which ones are wet --- this is where your leak is.

  5. Circle the leak with a marker so you can locate it easily when you start to patch it.

Repair the Leak

  1. Remove the cap and the plug from the waterbed mattress. In most cases, the cap and the plug are located at the foot of the bed, on the topside of the mattress.

  2. Allow some air to enter the mattress to create a small air bubble and then replace the cap and plug. Push the air bubble to the hole or cut on the mattress that you circled earlier.

  3. Wipe and dry the area around the cut or hole with towel.

  4. Cut a piece of vinyl from a vinyl repair kit to cover the hole or cut --- the patch you cut should be slightly larger than hole you're repairing --- and glue it directly to the damaged area. Allow the patch to set for about five hours before putting any pressure on the mattress.

  5. Remove the cap and plug, remove the air bubble and replace the cap and plug.

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