How to Change a 2-Degree Spread in a Programmable Thermostat

The 2-degree spread in a programmable thermostat helps keep your home within the narrow temperature range you set in your program. If the temperature in the room rises or drops more than 2 degrees F, the air conditioner or furnace kicks on to bring the room back to the temperature you set.

Change Your Settings

  1. Press the "Hold" button on the thermostat.

  2. Look for the factory default settings. "FA" indicates your unit is on a fast heating cycle rate, which maintains the room temperature to just under 1 degree F of where you set it. "SL" indicates your unit is on a slow heating cycle rate, which maintains room temperature between 1.5 and 2 degrees F of where you set it.

  3. Use the arrow "Up" or arrow "Down" buttons to change your settings. If you want more precise temperature control, choose "FA." If you want to maintain the 2-degree spread, choose "SL."

Hold the Temperature

  1. Set your thermostat to "Heat" or "Cool."

  2. Press the "Hold" button. A clock will appear, allowing you to set the time you'd like the temperature hold to remain in place. Continue pressing the "Hold" button until the display reads the time of your preference. Make sure the display blinks when you release the "Hold" button.

  3. Use the arrow "Up" or "Down" buttons to set the temperature. The thermostat will hold the room to this temperature for the set time you designated in the previous step. After time expires, the thermostat automatically resumes its regular programming schedule.

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