How to Use a Foodsaver to Seal a Mylar Bag

Traditional plastic storage bags allow some air to enter the bag, eventually leading to the contents spoiling. Mylar bags are useful for storage because the Mylar prevents air from entering the bag. Mylar bags need to be sealed to keep the contents fresh. A FoodSaver is a useful tool for sealing Mylar bags. The FoodSaver will remove all the air from the bag before sealing it. This ensures the longest possible usable lifespan for the contents of the Mylar bag.

  1. Place the bottom of the Mylar bag on the FoodSaver sealing strip. Press the "Instant Seal" button on the FoodSaver. This step is not necessary if the bottom of the Mylar bag came pre-sealed.

  2. Fill the Mylar bag.

  3. Place the unsealed top edge of the bag onto the FoodSaver sealing strip.

  4. Press the "Vacuum & Seal" button on the FoodSaver. The air will be removed from the bag by the FoodSaver before it is sealed.

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