How to Raise a Front-Loading Dryer

Joshua Bailey

All home repair or enhancement projects require knowledge of the task. In this case, prior experience is helpful when it comes to being crafty and using tools. You have two options when it comes to raising your front-loading dryer off the floor. You can buy a pedestal that is pre-made with materials and paint color that matches your machine. Your other option is to make your own dryer platform.

Sold-Separately Pedestal

  1. Pull out your front-load dryer enough so you can position the pedestal in its place on the floor.

  2. Lift your dryer up and stand it on top of the pedestal.

  3. Check to make sure the dryer is balanced. When you open the dryer's door, the entire unit should not move or become unbalanced.

  4. Measure the base around your dryer using your tape measure. If you are raising your washer as well, follow all of these steps to make platforms for both machines.

Make Your Own Dryer Platform

  1. Mark those measurements along your plywood with the pencil. You should purchase plywood pieces that are at least 2 inches thick, and 3 feet by 3 feet wide. It is better to have more material to cut then find out you do not have enough for your platform.

  2. Cut the plywood with your saw to match your measurements around the dryer's base. You want a top and bottom piece that are cut evenly and equally so that you can attach them to the side boards.

  3. Cut your side boards down to the height you wish your platform to be. You will need three side boards to connect to the top and bottom base boards.

  4. Attach the side boards one at a time to the bottom base board with your drill and screws. Once all three side boards are fastened in place, drill the top board into the side boards as well. Leaving the front open without a fourth side board allows extra storage in the front of the platform under the dryer unit.

  5. Coat your full plywood platform with a fire retardant paint or varnish. All woods, especially plywood, need to be sealed with a fire retardant coating to prevent the dryer's heat from burning the wood and setting it on fire.