How to Hook Up Air Compressor Lines

Pneumatic tools are powerful, lightweight and durable. They use compressed air as a power source, which means they require air hoses and an air compressor. Air hoses connect using a locking hose coupler, with a male coupling on the pneumatic tool and a female coupling on the compressor. Air hoses will have one male and one female coupling.

Air compressor gauges
  1. Slide the spring-loaded collar on the compressor's female coupler backward, away from the open end of the coupler.

  2. Insert the hose's male coupler firmly into the compressor's female coupler.

  3. Release the collar on the compressor's female coupler. Check to see that it has returned to the original position, holding the hose's male coupler in place.

  4. Pull on the hose slightly to verify that the connection is secure.

  5. Repeat the steps, connecting the female coupler on the hose to the male coupler on the tool.


  • When working with power tools, always wear appropriate safety gear, including safety glasses.

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