How to Prevent Mold on a Wood Drying Rack

Meredith Jameson

Wooden drying racks can be economically and environmentally friendly items that can be used to dry clothes, food and other items. They can be used indoors or out and are typically made out of pine or cedar. However, because drying racks are used to hold wet or damp items, mold can develop on the wood if the drying rack is not properly cared for. A few steps can help prevent mold from occurring on wooden drying racks.

Step 1

Maintain air flow when drying items on the rack. Set up an oscillating fan near the rack and use it while items are drying and again when the items have been removed from the rack. The constant air flow will help keep moisture from settling on the rack and will encourage the drying process.

Step 2

Do not interrupt the drying process when drying food or clothing. Starting and stopping the process can result in moisture that remains on the drying rack, causing mold.

Step 3

Wipe the drying rack down with a clean, dry cloth after removing items. This will help wick away any moisture left behind on the wood.

Step 4

Cover the wooden rack with a dry cloth or plastic when not in use to protect it from moisture.

Step 5

Use a fungicidal sealant on the wood to prevent mold from developing. Fungicidal sealant can be purchased at many hardware or home supply stores. Follow product directions and allow to dry thoroughly before placing wet food or items on the rack. Check the product label to ensure that it is non-toxic if the rack is used to dry food.