Leveling Instructions for a Maytag Washing Machine

Kassie Kleifgen

Maytag washing machines can easily become off-balanced. Washing machines are very heavy appliances, and when they become imbalanced, it impacts your washer. Your Maytag washing machine may exhibit heavy vibrations on the spin cycle or rock back and forth causing the washer to slosh out of the machine. You can make the washing machine level again by adjusting the legs at the bottom of the washer.

You can level your Maytag washer by adjusting the legs.
  1. Locate the washing machine's legs. Maytag washers have four legs at the bottom of the machine, two in front and two in the back. Check to see if there are any legs that are barely touching or not touching the ground at all.

  2. Place a level on top of the washing machine and look at the small air bubble. If the bubble is more to the right side, the washer is too high on the left; if the bubble is on the left side, it is too high on the right.

  3. Adjust the legs on the side that was higher up than the other side. In order to do this you will have to push the washing machine side that was lower close to a wall and tilt it up to lean on the wall. Twist and move the legs on that side of the washing machine. Set the washer back down on all four legs and check to see if it is level. You will be able to tell when the washer is level when all four legs are completely touching the ground, and the air bubble is directly in the middle of the level. If it is not level, lean it against the wall and adjust the legs again.