How to Open a Locked Door Using a Bump Key

Cecelia Owens

A bump key can help you break into your own house, if you have locked yourself out. The bump key should never be used to break into other people's house, because it is unethical and, of course, illegal. Along with a bump key, you will need something forceful, such as a hammer or a mallet to hit the key into the key hole. With some practice, the right tools and the right frame of mind, you can open a locked door with a cheap bump key.

A bump key should never be used to break into another house.
  1. Put the entire bump key into the door's lock. Make sure that the valleys and hills of the key are facing up.

  2. Strike the top of the bump key with the hammer or mallet three to five times.

  3. Turn the key counter-clockwise to unlock the door. If the door will not open, hit the door with the mallet or hammer three to five more times.