How do I Make a Rolling Machine for Cigarette Papers?

Crispin Trubiano

Although the most common form of cigarette consumption in America is pre-packaged cigarettes, cigarette rolling still is widely practiced. There are several ways for smokers to roll their own cigarettes; hand rolling, machine rolling and tube injecting are a few of these. Typically, machine rollers are electric, only requiring the user to load the tobacco and the paper. Many rolling machines, however, are little more than simple mechanical devices. Create a simple rolling machine that is disposable or reusable with easily accessible materials.

Making and Using The Roller

Cigarettes are the most common form of tobacco consumption in the world.
  1. Tape the ends of the dollar bill together, so as to form a "belt" of sorts. This will be the part of the roller that contacts the tobacco and the rolling paper, so you may want to be sure the dollar is sanitized. A disinfectant spray can be used. Allow the dollar bill to dry completely before proceeding.

  2. Insert the dowels into the dollar bill belt. Situate them so that they are on either end of the loop; the device should look like a tiny conveyor belt.

  3. To use the rolling machine, place your tobacco or smoking material on top of the dollar bill and bring the dowels together over it. Your smoking material should be sort of sandwiched in the dollar bill with the dowels on top. Begin to pull on the dollar bill, while keeping the dowels together and the tobacco tightly compressed in the pocket. The motion of the dollar bill sliding over the dowels should begin to roll the tobacco into a cylinder shape; at this point you should insert the rolling paper into the top so that it will wrap around the material. Continue to use the dollar bill belt to roll the paper around until only the gum strip is sticking out, at which point you should lick the end of the paper and finish rolling the cigarette.