How to Fix Dents and Dings in Stainless Steel Appliances

Jennifer Eblin

Stainless steel appliances may add value to your home, but only when those appliances are in good condition. Dings and dents are eyesores that detract from the beauty of the stainless steel finish. Professionals can quickly remove the dents and dings, but you can also do the work yourself. Always use caution, because it's possible to make the dent worse.

The flexibility of the stainless steel makes it easy to pop out dings and dents.
  1. Attach a plunger to the dent, and gently push down on the handle. This creates a vacuum suction. Gently pull on the handle of the plunger until you hear a popping sound. This indicates that the vacuum seal is broken. You may need to repeat several times to completely remove the dent.

  2. Use a ding repair kit. These kits are designed to remove dents and dings in cars, but they will also work on stainless steel appliances. The kit contains a crossbar, which features two suction cups that attach to the appliance. When you pull on the crossbar, it pops out the dent.

  3. Insert a dent puller into your appliance. The dent puller pushes through a hole in the middle of the dent and latches onto the surface behind the stainless steel. When you pull on the tool, it pulls out the stainless steel surface. The downside is that you'll need to repair the hole once you've finished.

  4. Push the dent out from the inside of the appliance. This method only works on dishwashers, refrigerators, and appliances in which you're able to remove the stainless steel panel. Once you remove the panel, press down gently on the back of the ding, pushing it back into place.

  5. Fill in smaller dings and dents with a buffing compound, and let dry overnight. The compound fills in the dent, but doesn't match your stainless steel. Buff down the compound with fine grade sandpaper. The same method works for minor scratches on your appliances.