How to Remove an LED Light

Tom Becker

Light-emitting diodes (LED) are excellent indicator lights, with low energy consumption and bright, colored light. Almost any kind of electronic devices has LEDs. But the intense light they cast is not always desirable and can become a nuisance in a low light or near-darkness application. Removing an LED light is a simple procedure and can be performed quickly and safely with the right technique.

LED lights like this one can be removed quickly and easily with the right technique.
  1. Disconnect the device from its power source.

  2. Remove the cover of the device that contains the LED. Most LEDs are on the surface of devices and have covers or panels that can be removed to access the LED.

  3. Find the connection point of the LED and its circuit board. LEDs have two wires extending from their base that are called a cathode and an anode.

  4. Cut the cathode and anode with wire cutters at the base of the circuit board. Make sure to cut them close to the board as longer wires can touch and create a short circuit that can damage the device's circuitry.

  5. Remove the cut LED light from the device. If left in the device, the cut LED can interfere with the function of the device and its circuitry.

  6. Replace the cover or panel that was removed to access the LED light.