How to Make Blue Cellophane into a Waterfall

If you want to create a rainforest or jungle atmosphere for your next party or event, consider building a waterfall indoors. An indoor waterfall will become that stunning conversation piece that everyone will be talking about long after the event is over. This type of activity is perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, Bible school or other event. You can customize your waterfall in a variety of ways with added materials and make it as large or small as your space will allow.

Build your own waterfall indoors for any occasion using blue cellophane and a few other supplies.
  1. Create the background scenery for your waterfall. Take large rolls of brown paper or paper that you have cut up from grocery bags and crumple the paper in your hands. Unfold it and tape it onto the walls in a corner of your party room, going from floor to ceiling and at least three to five feet out from the corner on either side.

  2. Dip a sponge in brown paint and sponge the paint onto the brown paper on your walls. Repeat this step with grey and white paints as well, concentrating the white near the tops of the paper and the other colors all over. This will make your backdrop look like the side of a mountain for your waterfall scene.

  3. Position a large free-standing ladder in the corner in front of the paper background. Drape a large piece of light blue fabric over the ladder. The fabric should cover the ladder entirely and cascade down to the floor like a waterfall.

  4. Cut large strips of blue cellophane to the length of your ladder and the fabric that rests on the floor. Tape the cellophane strips to the fabric, just behind the top of the ladder. Let the cellophane hang down the front of the fabric to give a reflective quality to the waterfall.

  5. Position a small fan set to low speed under the ladder. Blow the air from the fan toward the fabric in front of the ladder so the waterfall will ripple. Ensure that the fabric is securely positioned on the ladder so that the fan doesn't send your waterfall crashing down to the floor.