Pancake Factory Griddle Instructions

Amy Lukavics

The Pancake Factory is a duel griddle appliance that allows you to make perfectly cooked pancakes of equal size. The griddle makes two pancakes at a time, allowing you to whip out enough to feed a family in a quick amount of time. It also takes a lot of the guesswork out of making pancakes because you don't have to worry about burning the cakes or flipping them with a spatula.

Pancakes are a classic breakfast choice.
  1. Turn The Pancake Factory duel griddle appliance on and wait for it to heat up, about ten minutes.

  2. Pour pancake batter into each griddle well, using The Pancake Factory batter scoop to measure the right amount.

  3. Allow the pancake batter to cook until small bubbles begin to appear throughout the pancakes.

  4. Close the lid and rotate The Pancake Factory upside down.

  5. Reopen the lid and fill the two griddle wells with more batter while the other two pancakes finish cooking on the other side.

  6. Remove the first two pancakes from the griddle with a fork and place on a plate when the new pancakes have begun to bubble. Close the lid, rotate The Pancake Factory again, and reopen to free up the griddle wells once again with the other pancakes cook.

  7. Continue the process until you are finished making the pancakes. Turn the appliance off and allow it to cool completely before wiping the nonstick surface with a damp rag.