Directions for a Brother XL-3010 Sewing Machine

Mary McNally

The Brother XL-3010 sewing machine is an electric sewing machine that allows you to produce several different stitches with preset widths, including buttonholes, straight stitching, stretch straight stitching, zigzag, blind hemming, elastic stitch and overlock elastic stitch. The machine includes accessories such as a sew light, buttonhole maker, darning plate and zipper foot. The Brother XL-3010 sewing machine is relatively easy to use as long as you follow a few simple instructions.

Lower Threading

You can usually adjust the stitching length on a sewing machine.
  1. Plug the Brother XL-3010 sewing machine into an electrical wall outlet, plug the foot controller into the machine and press the sew-light button on the left side to turn on the light over the needle mechanism.

  2. Place a thread spool on the thread spindle, pushing it to the right to lock it in, and thread the machine from left to right through the open side on each thread guide. (See the diagram in the machine's manual in the References section.) Put the bobbin on its spindle in the bobbin compartment, and wind the thread through it in a clockwise direction. Push the bobbin winder shaft to the right, holding the thread end. The bobbin slit should line up with the shaft spring.

  3. Loosen the clutch release knob on the upper right of the sewing machine by turning it toward you. Hold the thread end of the bobbin and depress the foot controller to wind the bobbin. The machine will stop automatically when the bobbin is full. Push the bobbin shaft to the left and cut the thread with scissors. Remove the bobbin from its shaft. Tighten the clutch release knob by turning it away from you.

  4. Unwind 4 inches of thread from the bobbin and put the bobbin in the bobbin case. Pull the loose thread into the bobbin slot down and to the left until it enters into the delivery eye.

  5. Hold the bobbin case by its latch and insert it in the shuttle race. Fit its finger into the top notch on the race. (See the diagram in the machine's manual in the References section.)

Upper Threading

  1. Raise the presser foot lever above the needle mechanism. Turn the balance wheel on the upper right side of the sewing machine toward you to raise the needle to its highest position.

  2. Place a thread spool on the spool horizontal pin. Push it firmly to the right until it locks into place. Pull the thread down and up from right to left through the thread uptake lever in the "U" in front of the needle mechanism, around the thread guides and through the needle's eye. Pull the thread until you have 3 inches extending from the needle.

  3. Hold the upper thread in the needle with your left hand, and turn the balance wheel toward you until the needle goes down and up one time. Pull the upper thread toward you to join the upper and lower threads together in a loop.

  4. Pull 4 inches of the combined thread under the presser foot toward the back of the machine.

Sewing Stitches

  1. Select your desired stitch with the lower right hand pattern selector knob on the sewing machine. Set the stitch length dial located in the middle front of the machine if you do not want to use the stitch's preset length. Generally, longer stitches are used on heavier fabrics, and shorter stitches are used on lightweight fabrics.

  2. Lift the foot lever to raise the foot presser lever from the needle plate. Turn the balance wheel toward you to lift the needle up as high as it will go. Move both the upper and lower thread under and behind the presser foot.

  3. Place your material with the edge you want to stitch first directly behind the needle. Lower the foot presser lever to the needle plate to hold the material in place.

  4. Press the foot controller to sew a couple of inches forward on the material. Release the foot controller, and press the reverse sewing button on the lower front of the machine. Press the foot controller to sew a couple of inches backward to lock the stitch. Release the foot controller and press the reverse sewing button again. Press the foot controller slowly to start stitching forward again.

  5. Gently pull the fabric toward you in a straight line as the machine stitches. Stitch to the end, release the foot controller, push the reverse sewing button and depress the foot controller to sew a couple of inches backward to lock the stitch. Lift up on the foot presser lever, pull the material out and cut the threads with scissors.