How to Reattach a Dryer Vent Tube

Reattaching a dryer vent tube is a simple do-it-yourself task. Dryer vents come loose over time, and with an excessive amount of lint buildup in the tube. It's also best to clean out the vent tube before reattaching it to your dryer, preventing a possible cause for the tube coming loose again.

Fallen dryer vent
  1. Using a pair of scissors, cut the old zip tie off the back of the dryer's exhaust outlet.

  2. Place the dryer vent around the exhaust outlet of your dryer. The exhaust outlet will be either the plastic or metal opening on the bottom of your dryer in the back.

  3. Wrap the zip tie around the dryer vent tube once it is attached to the dryer, and pull the plastic tie tight, securing the vent tube in place.

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