How to Repair a Leaking Washing Machine Shut-Off Valve

Shut-off valves for washing machines are connected to the end of both the hot and cold copper supply lines (pipes), usually located behind the machine.
Shut-off valves leak if the nuts are too loose.Shut-off valves leak if the nuts are too loose.
They are tightened to the pipe with a compression nut, and a water supply hose to the faucet is connected to the top of the shut-off valve with a small nut. Both this nut, and the compression nut, are the usual culprits if the valve leaks. However, the problem can be alleviated by tightening both nuts.

Step 1

Place an adjustable wrench around the body of the shut-off valve. Then place a second wrench around the compression nut. This is found on the bottom of the valve, surrounding the copper pipe.

Step 2

Hold the wrench around the valve body while tightening the compression nut in 1/8 turns. If the nut is fully tight but the leak continues, the supply hose nut will also have to be tightened.

Step 3

Hold the wrench around the valve body and place the second wrench around the supply hose nut. Tighten this nut--again in 1/8 turns--until the leaks stops.

Things You Will Need

  • 2 adjustable wrenches


  • Never try to over-tighten either nuts, as the treads can sheer off. Only tighten them to the extent where the leak stops.

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