How to Take Off a Safety 1st Light Switch Extender

Safety 1st is a brand of baby and children products manufactured by Dorel Juvenile Group. Safety 1st products include car seats, strollers and light-switch extenders. A light-switch extender enables small children, people in wheelchairs and the elderly to switch a light on or off more easily. The extender can be a rod or a long switch attached to the main switch. Extenders are available in different lengths, depending on people's needs. Installation and removal is very easy. Some extensions simply snap-on while others require a few screws and a screwdriver.

  1. Determine which kind of light switch extender is in use. A snap-on extender will have no screws and you can simply pull off the extender. You'll need a screwdriver to remove a screw-on extender.

  2. Turn the room's electricity off at the circuit breaker.

  3. Apply two strips of masking tape to the wall plate to hold it in place.

  4. Unscrew the top and bottom screws from the wall plate using a Phillips screwdriver.

  5. Remove the extender from the switch.

  6. Attach the original wall screws using a Phillips screwdriver. You can purchase replacement screws if the originals are missing. Tighten the screws to prevent the wall plate from falling.

  7. Remove the tape. Turn the electricity back on and test the switch to make sure it is properly working.