How to Install New Kenmore Refrigerators

Michaele Curtis

Although appliance dealers often offer installation at an additional charge, install it yourself without much difficulty. Although each Kenmore refrigerator model has its own instructions, some parts of the process are common to all of them. After deciding where it will go, position the refrigerator so that it can do its job without obstruction or overheating.

  1. Use the Kenmore refrigerator's measurements to locate a big enough space to install the unit in your kitchen with about a half-inch clearance from the top and sides. The unit must be installed near a three-prong electrical socket.

  2. Roll the refrigerator to its new spot using the appliance dolly. Plug it into the electrical socket. Twist and arrange the refrigerator so that it sits about an inch away from the wall. Open the door of the refrigerator. If you have trouble opening it because a kitchen cabinet obstructs it, pull the refrigerator a little further from the wall.

  3. Open the refrigerator door and slide any shelving or drawers into place. Snap the rails into the door if necessary. Adjust the temperature controls to your desired settings inside the refrigerator and freezer compartments.