Instructions for a Honeywell T8011R Thermostat

William Pullman

The Honeywell T8011R digital home thermostat was designed with several programmable functions you can set to better control your heating and cooling systems. With the T8011R you can program different temperatures for different parts of the day, such as when you leave the house or when you go to sleep at night. The programming features allow you to determine how much energy is used in your house, and can help reduce your utility expenses.

Set Time and Date

  1. Press the "Select" button twice to bring up the time units on the thermostat.

  2. Push the up or down arrow button to change to the current time.

  3. Set the day of the week by pressing the "Select" button a third time and adjusting the day with the up or down arrow buttons.

  4. Exit the time and day setting by pressing the "Hold" button.

Programming Temperatures

  1. Move the "System" switch located on the bottom of the thermostat to either "Heat" or "Cool," depending on your needs.

  2. Press the "Select" button four times to access the "Wake" programming schedule. The word "Wake" will appear on the bottom of the screen above the days of the week.

  3. Adjust the "Wake" time by pressing the up or down arrow buttons.

  4. Push "Select" to access the "Wake" temperature and use the arrow buttons to adjust the temperature.

  5. Repeat Step 4 to scroll through all of the time and temperature program settings available on the Honeywell T8011R thermostat. The remaining programmable units are "Leave," "Return," "Sleep" and weekend settings for "Wake," "Leave," "Return" and "Sleep." Once the final program is set, press "Select" again to exit the programming mode. The word "End" will appear on the thermostat's LCD screen when you are finished programming.

Temporary and Indefinite Temperature Holds

  1. Change the current temperature by pressing the up or down arrow button until the readout shows the temperature you want. Setting the temperature in this manner is temporary. The next programmed temperature will take effect at the entered time.

  2. Remove the temporary temperature setting by pressing the "Hold" button twice.

  3. Create an indefinite hold on the temperature setting by pressing the "Hold" button and changing the temperature with the arrow buttons. An indefinite temperature hold will stay in effect until you remove the hold.

  4. Press the "Hold" button to remove the indefinite temperature hold.