How to Transform My Dining Room Into a Den

The dining room is a room in the home that for some people is considered necessary for daily family living, whereas for others it may hardly get used. If you have a dining room but not a den and you want a casual, comfortable space where your family and friends can spend time together, you can transform your dining room into a den. Changing a standard dining room into a den does not require any professional experience and it won't cost a fortune; it is more about using your style and personal preference to design the room.

Turn a regular dining room into a den with a change of paint and furniture.

Step 1

Remove the dining room table and other furniture, such as an armoire or cupboards, from the room. You may also want to remove more formal lighting fixtures, such as a chandelier, to help create a more comfortable, relaxed living space.

Step 2

Paint or wallpaper the room. Changing the walls in a room can result in one of the simplest yet most dramatic changes. Light, neutral shades work well for dens; think of colors in the beige, taupe, tan and cream families. The lighter shades help open up the room, create warmth and make the room feel more expansive.

Step 3

Add furniture to the room. For a basic den, you should have a sofa, love seat and at least a couple of chairs for ample seating. To maximize use of the room, bring a television and DVD player or other electronics for television and movie viewing into the room. Position the seats so they are facing the television for optimal viewing, and keep the separate seating arrangements close together in a circular shape or across from each other. This creates a feeling of closeness in the room and allows for better conversation.

Step 4

Add storage into the room. To maximize space, choose a narrow coffee table or storage cubes for storing movies, magazines and other items. If you plan to keep children's toys in the room, wicker baskets and boxes work well.

Step 5

Hang some pictures and add accessories such as candles and pieces of art to the room to make it feel cozy and family oriented. Adding personal and decorative pieces to the room creates dimension, adds artistic flair and helps add the perfect finishing touches to the room. A thick rug on the floor creates a cozy feeling in the room and offers a comfortable place sit on the floor for watching television or movies.

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