How to Change the Burner on a Flat Top Stove

Flat-top stoves consist of four to five burners, covered with a flat piece of glass. Unlike gas stoves and stoves with metal heat coils, flat-top stoves are smooth and shiny, making for a more attractive appearance and easier cleanup. If one of the burners malfunctions or stops working all together, it may be necessary to replace the burner. Replacement burners can be obtained from your stove's manufacturer, or from appliance parts outlets and websites.

It's somewhat more complicated to replace burners on flat top electric stoves.
  1. Disconnect the power to the stove by turning off the breaker in your fuse box. Test the stove to ensure that power has been disconnected by turning on a working burner and making sure it does not get hot.

  2. Open the oven door.

  3. Remove the two bolts from the underside of the front of the cooktop, located just above the door jam, facing upwards.

  4. Lift the entire cooktop to access the burners, which are attached to the bottom of the cooktop.

  5. Remove the two screws from the brackets that secure the burner that you would like to remove, then remove that burner.

  6. Disconnect the wires connected to the original burner, then plug them into the new burner. The wires can be removed by simply pulling them out of the terminals. Be sure to mark which wires go to which terminal.

  7. Align the grooves on the top of the new burner with the grooves on the bottom of the glass cooktop, then secure the new burner using the brackets and screws that you originally removed.

  8. Lower the cooktop, then re-secure it with the two bolts that were removed from the bottom. Close the oven door.

  9. Restore power to the stove to complete the installation.

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