How to Remove Packing Bolts From Washing Machines

Manufacturers use shipping bolts to prevent a washer tub from moving during transport. The shipping bolts attach from the rear of the machine into tabs around the circumference of the washer drum. When you purchase a new washing machine, it is necessary to remove the packing bolts before continuing with the installation of the unit. Most manufacturers use four bolts to secure the drum. Failure to remove the packing bolts will cause damage if you operate the washer. It is a good idea to keep the packing bolts in a safe place for future use.

Remove the packing bolts on a new washer before installing it in your home.

Step 1

Remove the cardboard box around the washing machine. There is a line around the bottom of the box that indicates where to cut with the utility knife. Cut the box with the knife and pull the box off the washer.

Step 2

Turn the washing machine around so you have full access to the back of the unit. Find the four packing bolt heads. The heads protrude from the washer slightly and have plastic spacers.

Step 3

Turn the packing bolt heads counterclockwise with a socket wrench. Remove each bolt completely away from the washer.

Step 4

Snap the plastic covers over the holes where the bolts were, if your machine comes with covers. Some covers attach to the machine with a small plastic tab, while some manufacturers pack the covers inside the hardware bag. Keep the packing bolts in a safe place for reinstallation when you move the washing machine.