Steps to Take When a Kensington Lock Won't Open

Diana Braun

Kensington manufactures computer accessories including computer locks. These locks are inserted into a small opening on a laptop and are designed to deter thieves from stealing the computer. A Kensington lock works using a key with a specific key code. Each key has its own unique code. If your lock won't open, you might need to buy a replacement key if the key is faulty or missing. But to receive a replacement key, you must have the key code for the lock.

  1. Visit the Kensington Replacement Key website to order an additional key.

  2. Fill in your name, address, product, key code and key color on the form and click "Submit." You must have the key code to request a replacement key. The key code is a five- or six-digit number stamped on the key underneath its plastic cover. There is no key code on the lock, packaging or cable for security purposes.

  3. Wait for a verification email from Kensington. After submitting your information, Kensingtion verifies it and the key code before sending a replacement. The replacement key can take 14 to 16 business days to receive.

  4. Also request a locksmith's help. If you don't have the key code and your keys are lost, a professional will be needed. These professionals should have the tools to open the lock.