How to Care for Kitchen Aid Dutch Ovens

The Kitchen Aid dutch oven is a cast-iron appliance that retains moisture while cooking meats and stews, and has a special coating that seasons the food with each use. Caring for the dutch oven requires hand washing the cookware to remove sticky food stains rather than cleaning it in the dishwasher, as the dutch oven is susceptible to damage. Many cast-iron surfaces are not suitable for heavy cleaning, as the special coating that seasons the food can be removed and the surface can easily be damaged when exposed to high levels of heat.

  1. Pour 3 cups of tap water in a clean, 2-qt. saucepan, and set the stove's burner to medium-high heat until the water boils.
  2. Remove the pot from the stove top, and pour half of water into the dutch oven. Rinse out the dutch oven with the boiling water and pour it out.
  3. Scrub the inside of the dutch oven with the nylon pad to remove stuck food from the oven's sides and rinse it out with warm water.
  4. Wipe down the inside of the dutch oven with a dry paper towel to remove excess water, and place on a drying rack to air dry.

Things You Will Need

  • 2-qt. saucepan
  • Nylon pad
  • Paper towel