How to Replace a Glass Stove Top on a Frigidaire

Frigidaire smooth-top ranges have a glass cooking surface rather than metal coil burners. The stove burners are located under the glass, and are used to heat the glass surface above. Because of the delicate nature of the surface, if a heavy object, such as a pot or pan, is dropped onto the glass, it could shatter. If this happens, you must replace the glass stove top prior to resuming use of the smooth-top range.

Unplug the range from the wall or turn off the range's breaker in your fuse box.

Open the oven door and remove the two screws located under the front lip of the upper top.

Lift the top and prop it up using a sturdy object.

Unscrew the burner brackets that secure the burners to the underside of the top.

Support the top with your hand, remove the sturdy object and then lift the top up and off of the range.

Place the new top on the range and prop it up using the sturdy object.

Secure the burners to the underside of the new top using the screws and brackets that were removed.

Remove the sturdy object and lower the top onto the range.

Open the oven door and replace the screws that were removed to secure the top to the range.

Plug the range back into the wall or turn the range breaker back to the on position.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Sturdy object

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