Instructions for the Lawn Genie LC6 Sprinkler Control

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

A division of the Toro Company, Lawn Genie is a wel-known manufacturer of residential sprinkler systems, sprinkler parts, drip irrigation systems and sprinkler control timers. The LC6 is a single-program, electric sprinkler timer that can be used to control your Lawn Genie automatic sprinkler system. Using a Lawn Genie LC6 sprinkler control helps to ensure that your home landscape receives the regular watering that it needs to stay green and beautiful.

  1. Press and release the "Clock" button on your Lawn Genie LC6 sprinkler control panel. Press the "Hrs" and "Min" buttons repeatedly until the on-screen clock displays the desired time; watch the a.m./p.m. indicator to ensure that you set the sprinkler's timer clock to the correct time of day. Press the "Clock" button again to save your changes.

  2. Program a start time for your watering schedule. Use the "Hrs" and "Min" buttons to adjust the on-screen clock until the desired start time is displayed. Press the "Clock" button to save the specified start time.

  3. Program the run times for each sprinkler zone. Press the "Zone" button; "Zone 1," along with the current zone run time, will appear on the display screen. Adjust the run time for the zone using the "Hrs" and "Min" buttons; run times can be between 0 and 99 minutes. Use this same process to set the run times for the remaining sprinkler zones; when you're finished, press the "Clock" button to save your changes.

  4. Program watering days for your Lawn Genie sprinkler. Press and release the "Day" button. Press the "Min" button repeatedly until the desired watering days option is shown. Choose "1" to program the sprinkler to water every day, "2" to water every other day or "3" to water every third day. Press the "Clock" button.

  5. Water your sprinkler zones manually, if desired. Press and release the "Man" button to manually water all sprinkler zones simultaneously. Manually water a selected sprinkler zone by pressing the "Zone" button repeatedly until the desired zone is shown, then press "Man."