PUR Filter 4396841 Installation

You refrigerator has indicated that it's time for a water filter change. You have the Pur 4396841 replacement filter in hand, but now what? The filter provides you and your family with up to 6 months, or up to 200 gallons, of clean drinking water. Pur filters reduce or eliminate potentially harmful contaminants, such as lead and microbial cysts, from your drinking water. Changing your filter as required ensures that each filter is operating effectively.

Filtration systems provide cleaning drinking water in the home.
  1. Kneel down to observe your refrigerator's grille. Notice the round head of the filter peeking out from the grille.

  2. Push the button to the side of the filter, and pull the old filter away from the grille to remove.

  3. Twist the white plastic cap on the old filter counterclockwise to remove. Dispose of the old filter.

  4. Peel away the red protective cover on the Pur 4396841 replacement filter.

  5. Replace the white plastic cap on the head of the new filter.

  6. Insert the replacement filter into the grille. Push the filter in place until it clicks.

  7. Place a tall glass or cup beneath your refrigerator's water dispensing unit.

  8. Press the water dispenser lever at 5 second intervals -- 5 seconds on followed by 5 seconds off -- over a period of 2 minutes to flush air from the filter.

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