How to Display Education Degrees

After dedicating years of your life to completing a degree, you should show off your diploma to remind yourself and others of your efforts and achievements. Doctors, lawyers, and dentists often display their degrees to show their qualifications and instill a sense of professionalism in their office. But even if you aren't in one of these professions you can still hang your diploma on a wall in your home to show your accomplishments.

Display your degree to show off your achievement.
  1. Choose a picture frame. Educational degrees are often just a piece of paper so you will need to choose something to protect it. Measure the piece of paper and then choose a frame in your favorite color and design, and consider choosing a frame that has a glass front to ensure the degree is properly protected.

  2. Decide where you would like to display the educational degree. Think about which room or wall in the house and is most suited to displaying the degree. If you don't have much wall space, or can't put nails into the walls because of tenancy agreements, think about sitting the frame on a shelf or in a bookcase.

  3. Open the frame and remove the backing. Place the educational degree inside the frame, making sure the writing side is face down on the glass. Put the backing in place and securely close.

  4. Locate the mount on the back of the frame and line it up on the wall where you plan to hang the degree. Using a pencil, make a small mark in the center of the mount. This will help you when you place the nail in the wall.

  5. Press the end of a nail into the pencil mark. Hammer the head of the nail until only 3/4 inch remains poking out from the wall. Hang the picture frame mount over the nail and secure over the nail head. Make sure the frame hangs straight. Push into place.

  6. Repeat steps three through five if you have multiple degrees. Decide if the degrees would look best hanging together in a straight line or if they should be hung to form a shape. For example, if you have four educational degrees to hang decide whether you would like to hang two together and then two underneath to form a square shape, or if you would like to hang all four next to each other in a line.

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