How to Decorate With Fiesta Ware

Rachel Watkins

Fiesta dinnerware dishes were introduced to the market in 1936 with only five basic colors including red, yellow, cobalt blue, green and ivory. A year later, turquoise was added. Today Fiesta ware is produced in over 38 colors and includes a wide variety of dishes including basic plates and bowls, but also pitchers, teacups, mugs, platters, casseroles and spice shakers. All of these colors and options make Fiesta ware a popular item for use in household decor, combining both form and function for use on tables, shelves, walls and mantels.

Analyze the Rooms You Wish to Decorate

Fiesta ware colors are often mixed and matched.
  1. Review the rooms you wish to decorate with Fiesta ware. Take note of any large shelves, mantels, tables or spaces on the wall. These spaces can be decorated with Fiesta ware. Also take note of the room's colors in order to find matching pieces.

  2. Purchase Fiesta ware pieces that complement the rooms in your home. Buy a variety of dishes including pitchers, place settings, tea services and vases. Mix and match is a good policy when using Fiesta ware. Fiesta ware colors are notoriously bright, so find colors that are bold, but also complement the color theme of the room.

  3. Fill pitchers, carafes or vases with fresh or faux flowers. Place the pitcher or carafe on a table to make a centerpiece. Choose colors that match the table or tablecloth to create a cohesive table setting.

  4. Purchase a full Fiesta ware place setting including plates, bowls and spice shakers. Mix and match pieces for an original color palette. Set the table using napkins of a neutral beige or white color as a background for the dishes.

  5. Place teacups, saucers or bowls on fireplace mantels to add visual interest. Use pieces that contrast in color to the wall so that they do not blend into the background. For example, red pieces next to a yellow wall will draw the eye.

  6. Mount three plates or trivets using plate hangers. Position the plates on a large, blank wall. Order the plates in a line or make the position of the plates asymmetrical for added interest. Again, contrast the plate color and the wall color to allow the plates to stand out.

  7. Use heavier Fiesta ware pieces such as pitchers, carafes or teapots as bookends. Use smaller pieces such as cups and small bowls to top stacks of books or empty space on shelves.