How to Put a Dryer Rack in a Dryer

Some clothes dryers are equipped with a bracket on the inside back of the dryer drum for attaching a rack.

Place delicate fabrics on a dryer rack to prevent damage.Place delicate fabrics on a dryer rack to prevent damage.
The rack hangs in the middle of the interior space while the drum rotates freely around it. Drying racks are useful for clothing items that require more delicate care or heavy items, such as sneakers, that would make an intolerable banging if simply tossed in the appliance to dry. Dryer racks attach and detach in seconds without special tools.

Open the dyer door and wait for the interior to cool if the appliance has just been in use.

Turn the dryer rack so the lip on the front faces upward.

Insert the dryer rack with the longer wire legs facing toward the back of the appliance.

Line up the rack's rear legs with the bracket on the inside back of the dryer and push in. You may need to raise the legs on some dryer racks to insert and lower the rack on the bracket.

Push down on the dryer rack until it clicks into place. Rest the rack's front legs on the lower edge of the dryer door frame.


  • Items on the dryer rack must not extend beyond the rack or you risk interfering with the drum rotation. This could place undue wear on the motor or drive belt.

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