How to Use the Norpro Sauce Master

The Norpro Sauce Master is a kitchen tool that enables you to manually make purees and sauces. The Sauce Master separates the seeds, pulp and skins from the juice of a fruit or vegetable. The results are good for pasta sauces, fruit purees, baby food, jams, fillings or soups. Using the Norpro Sauce Master is not complicated and doesn't require any special skill.

The Norpro Sauce Master can make tomato sauce for pasta.
  1. Place one bowl under the end opening to catch the seeds, skin and pulp, and a larger bowl under the side opening to catch the juice or puree.

  2. Wash your produce well. Add it to the hopper on top of the unit.

  3. Turn the handle in a clockwise direction and guide the fruit or vegetable down, using the plunger that comes with the machine.