How to Un-Enroll From the Equal Payment Plan for Duke Energy

Jalisa Summerville

Duke Energy is an electrical company that offers customers a predictable and easy way to spread out payments for their monthly energy costs through the Equal Payment Plan program. It's particularly beneficial during the times of the year when energy costs soar due to increased heating and cooling costs. With this plan, customers pay the same amount each month for 11 months and the remaining balance is paid in full in the 12th month of service. If you need to discontinue enrollment in the plan, Duke Energy offers two cancelation options.

Send an email

The Equal Payment Plan helps customers budget energy costs effectively.
  1. Access your city's official Duke Energy website.

  2. Log in to your Duke Energy online account using your username and password. If this is your first time accessing this service, follow the on-screen instructions to register your account. On most sites, you will be required to enter your personal identification data, such as your Social Security number and account number.

  3. Locate and click the "Contact Us" link to send an email request. Depending on your specific company, you might be required to enter your name, email address and phone number into each blank field. Choose "Changes to My Account" or a similarly named option as the subject of your email.

  4. Compose a message. Request to cancel the Equal Payment Plan option in the body of the email message.

  5. Wait for a response to your email request. You should receive a response to your inquiry within two business days.

Call Customer Service

  1. Locate the customer service number. Scan your monthly bill or find the number on the Duke Energy website.

  2. Contact customer service. Have your account number handy as you will need this information to make changes to your account. You might also be required to provide the last four digits of your Social Security number for account security purposes.

  3. Tell the customer service specialist that you would like to discontinue enrollment in the Equal Payment Plan option. Whether you cancel services via email or by phone, depending on your specific Duke Energy provider, the cancelation might post to your account immediately or at the end of your account's billing cycle.