How to Remove a Whirlpool Jet

Nathan McGinty

Whirlpool jet baths use a series of bubbling jets to give the user a relaxing bath full of bubbles. To create this effect, air is blown into the bathtub through a series of whirlpool jets. Eventually, these jets may break down, or become filled with bathtub debris. The best repair is to remove the whirlpool bathtub jet so you can get a closer look at the problem.

  1. Angle the nozzle on the jet you wish to remove so that it points upwards.

  2. Insert the bathtub jet removal tool into the opening on the jet.

  3. Press the removal tool towards the top of the jet until it stops and pull slightly back so the hook at the end of the tool catches on the back of the nozzle.

  4. Pull firmly backwards on the jet removal tool until the jet slides out of the side of the bathtub.

  5. Pry the whirlpool jet out of the side of the tub with alternative methods if you do not have the removal tool. One way to do this is by inserting metal washers in between the edge of the jet and the tub to pry the jet slowly out of the tub plumbing.