How to Install a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Prior to installing a Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerator, you must measure your kitchen cabinetry to ensure the appliance is going to fit.

It needs a depth of at least 25 inches. The width varies by Sub-Zero model, but each refrigerator needs clearance on the sides for the doors to open. There must be adequate room above the refrigerator as well, and a three-prong grounded electrical outlet near the refrigerator's opening. The plumbing installation for the refrigerator's ice maker should also be complete before you begin installing the refrigerator.

Locate the anti-tip bracket underneath the back of the refrigerator. Measure the distance between the ends of the bracket on the refrigerator. Place the floor receiver on the floor positioned as if the refrigerator was ready to slide into it. Drill pilot holes into the floor using the holes in the floor receiver as a guide. Use the screws that came with the assembly package to secure the floor receiver. If there is less than 1-inch clearance from a soffit or cabinet above the refrigerator, skip this step.

Remove the grille panel on the bottom front of the refrigerator by snapping it out. On some models you may need to open the refrigerator's doors to access the screws that hold the panel in place. Connect the cord of the modular electrical connection from the front of the refrigerator to its connection near the lower left side on the back of the refrigerator. Twist the connection to the left to secure it.

Connect the previously installed ice maker tubing that runs from the house's water supply to the union fitting from the installation package. Run it through the small opening on the bottom right side of the back of the refrigerator. Take the red cap off the flexible tubing inside the refrigerator. Connect that open end of the tubing to the other end of the union fitting. Tighten both nuts on the union fitting with an adjustable wrench.

Adjust the front legs of the refrigerator with a screwdriver so they are all the way up. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise.

Plug the refrigerator into the electrical outlet provided for it.

Slide the refrigerator into position, taking care to connect the anti-tip device with the floor bracket receiver. Do not pinch the water line or the electrical cord as you position the refrigerator. Lower the front legs approximately 3/16 inch.

Set a carpenter's level on top of the refrigerator to check for levelness. Make further adjustments in the leg screws, as necessary.

Turn on the water to the ice maker. There should be a small fitting near where the line connects into the house's plumbing that allows you to do so. Check for leaks. Tighten connections if you see water leakage.

Put the grill back on the front of the refrigerator. Monitor the unit's cooling capabilities for several days to ensure it is set at the right temperature for refrigeration and freezing.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Carpenter's level


  • The ice maker doesn't fill immediately and it may take as long as 24 hours for it to begin working. Discard the first batch of ice as it may contain impurities.
  • Some built-in Sub-Zero refrigerators have additional trim to match the cabinetry. Attach the trim to the cabinets once the refrigerator is in place.


  • A Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerator may weigh as much as 500 lbs. Have adequate help on hand to move the appliance.
  • Take care not to scratch the flooring as you install the refrigerator.

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