How to Turn on the Pressure Regulator on a Freestanding Frigidaire

Kenneth Crawford

The pressure regulator on your Frigidaire freestanding range regulates how much gas the unit receives when in use. The pressure regulator also has a service switch to enable you to shut off flow from the pressure switch. This is helpful when checking for leaks between the main shut off and the pressure regulator. Sometimes during installation or service, the pressure regulator is placed in the service position and isn't turned back on. Turning on the pressure regulator on a freestanding Frigidaire requires accessing the rear of the unit.

Turn off all burners before truning on the pressure regulator.
  1. Turn off all burners before starting. Make sure that the oven is in the off position as well.

  2. Pull the Frigidaire freestanding range away from the rear wall just enough to access the pressure regulator on the back of the unit. The pressure regulator is on the right-rear of the unit, if you are standing in front of the range.

  3. Find the pressure regulator service switch near the bottom of the unit. The service switch shuts off the gas supply to the pressure regulator. When it is in the service position, the top of the push button switch is almost flush with the body of the pressure regulator.

  4. Push and release the service switch with your finger. The top of the switch will protrude past the body of the pressure regulator. This is the on position.

  5. Slide the freestanding range back against the wall. The rear foot will catch under the anti-tip bracket on the floor.