Mastic Siding Colors

The siding of a home plays a large part in its overall style and beauty.

Light and White

Because of this, Mastic Siding makes vinyl siding available in several colors and shades. Unlike wood and metal siding, which require paint or stain for coloring, Mastic vinyl siding is pigmented in the manufacturing process, coloring the panel all the way through from surface to center.

Many homeowners choose light colors such as whites, off-whites and even shades of yellow to color their homes. Not only sunny and bright in appearance, the lightest shades of Mastic siding reflect enough light to lower the ambient temperature of the home which, in turn, lowers the utility bill during warm months. Mastic white shades include the pure White as well as the slightly gray tinted Silver Grey and the warmer Cameo. Light but not quite white shades of Mastic Siding include rich Classic Cream, blue tinted Almond and bright Colonial Yellow.


Ranging from light brown to muted olive, shades of tan suit both light and dark trim and roof colors. Siding options for Mastic Siding include the green tinted Wicker and the very light Desert Sand to the darker and muted Rugged Canyon.


Neither absorbing nor reflecting too much light, most shades of gray are cool neutral colors that sit nearer the blue side of the color spectrum than red. Still, some shades of gray are dark enough to absorb light and, while they make a stylish and contemporary color choice, they can increase the ambient temperature of the home. Shades of dark gray from Mastic include the almost black Charcoal Grey while lighter shades feature the almost-white Silver Grey, the medium-toned Harbor Grey and the wood-textured Timberstone Weathered.


The color of wood, brown makes several appearances in the Mastic Siding catalog of colors as both a traditional vinyl siding color and as a color used in its wood-look textured vinyl panel collection. Traditional colors range from the muted and medium-toned Montana Suede to the slightly lighter rich colored Autumn Gold and the light Pebblestone Clay. Textured options include the rich brown American Walnut and the gray brown Natural Cedar.


Another cool neutral, shades of blue suit trim colors ranging from white to dark gray and even black. Mastic Siding features shades of blue, including the very light and misty Everest, the slightly darker but muted English Wedgewood and the dark Portsmouth Blue. Blue is also available in textured paneling and shakes in the shade Glacier Blue Weathered.


Mastic features three shades of red in its traditional siding color catalog. These shades include the light pink Sandstone, the medium-toned and muted Terra Cotta and the dark Russet Red.


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