Decorating Ideas for an Entry Mudroom With an Enclosed Breezeway

Don't let your entry mudroom with an enclosed breezeway go to waste. Use this space in your home for creative storage of many items you would otherwise have trouble finding places for, or would rather not use garage or shed space to house. A cozy extra sitting room is another option should you prefer not to use the space for storage.

Gardening Tools

Dedicate your mudroom/breezeway to all your gardening tools. Use an earth-toned color scheme to keep with the gardening theme. Paint any storage space, if applicable, with olive greens and shades of brown, and use wicker baskets to house small garden accessories. Keep a basket filled with gardening gloves, another for small trowels, shovels and other weeding materials, another for seeds, and so on. Use taller wicker baskets for keeping larger hoes, shovels and rakes in one place, and keep a few flowers and herbs on small painted tables and chairs if the space receives enough light.


Pet lovers can turn the space into a pretty storage area for all things dog, cat or other pet. Use paw stenciling on the walls, and hang a few artistic prints of animals, look for area rugs in the shape of dogs and cats, and keep your pet's food and water dishes in the space as well. Hang leashes from hooks on the walls, and use colored baskets or other containers for pet toys and brushes. If you have room for a small bench or chair, use pet-themed pillows for decorating.

Hardware Tools

Use your entry mudroom and enclosed breezeway to keep all your hardware tools in one place. Paint the walls an earthy tone to avoid bringing attention to any nicks and marks the walls may receive from handling assorted tools, and hammer a few nails in the walls for hanging saws and other applicable tools. Build shelving for housing large tools, and also use the walls for framing pictures of past projects.

Sitting Area

A final option for decorating ideas for an entry mudroom with an enclosed breezeway is simply to turn it into an additional sitting area ideal for your morning cup of coffee. Use decorative cushions on any benches the area already contains as well as large decorative throw pillows. Add small benches and wooden chairs that also contain comfy cushions and pillows. Paint the space in pale, eye-friendly hues such as pink or lavender. Use floral stenciling on the walls as well, or try a landscape mural, such as a field of wildflowers, or hang up photos of tranquil places, such as waterfalls, meadows and forest areas.