I Need to Replace the Cord for an Oreck XL Vacuum

Lucy Friend

The Oreck XL is a vacuum cleaner manufactured and distributed by Oreck. Oreck offers a line of home cleaning products and equipment, all of which have a limited lifetime warranty. If you need to replace the cord of the Oreck XL vacuum, there are several things to consider.


The limited lifetime warranty covers all repairs to the vacuum, with exception of standard maintenance or negligence. Standard maintenance includes replacing the belt, vacuum bags and brush roller as necessary. If the Oreck XL vacuum is misused, the warranty is void. Misuse negligence includes not performing standard maintenance, using the vacuum for commercial use or damages caused by the user, such as a pet chewing through the cord.


The warranty covers the cord on the vacuum, if it’s maintained properly. If the cord stopped working and has no damage, it’s caused by workmanship or parts manufactured incorrectly. An authorized Oreck retailer will replace the cord at no cost.

Standard Maintenance

To ensure the cord works properly, stow the cord appropriately. After use, lay the length of the cord on the floor from the attachment on the vacuum to the plug for the electrical outlet. Pull the cord gently from beginning to end to release any kinks in the cord. Starting at the base of the unit, wrap the cord around the cord handles on the vacuum.


If the warranty is voided due to damage caused by misuse, a vacuum repair retailer or Oreck authorized dealer will repair the cord for a fee. Fees vary by retailer. If the vacuum is still running with cord damage, find the area on the cord exposed and wrap it with electrical tape. Check with an authorized Oreck dealer before attempting to repair it.