Sears Vinyl Siding Colors

Sean Russell

Vinyl siding is durable, waterproof and resistant to rot, infestation and rust. Additionally, vinyl siding can be pigmented or dyed during the manufacturing process. This provides a long lasting, never fading color that doesn't require regular repainting. Sears makes this vinyl siding for several home configurations in many colors and shades.

Adobe Crème

Several shades of white are available from Sears and Adobe Crème represents a slightly off-white version. This color has a slightly tan appearance and hides dirt better than pure white.

Coastal Sage

A light but muted green, Coastal Sage contributes to an organic look, blending well with hedge and surrounding plants. Coastal Sage is the only shade of green Sears offers.

Colonial Ivory

A warm and inviting color, Colonial Ivory is a yellowy white. This color matches many of the same colors as pure white but may appear perpetually dirty with pure white trim or shutters.

Platinum Gray

Slightly blue, Platinum Gray is the lighter gray Sears offers. This color is almost light enough to be off-white.

Vintage Wicker

This medium-toned tan is an organic looking light color that complements gray, blue and brown trim. The color is the darkest tan Sears offers.

Tuscan Clay

Also organic, Tuscan Clay has the muted and light red color of baked clay. The color is slightly purple and therefore also complements blue trim.

Mystic Blue

Mystic Blue is a bright powdery blue reminiscent of a clear sky. The color works well with light and dark trims from white to navy blue and black.

Monterey Sand

Lighter than Vintage Wicker, Monterey Sand is the lightest tan Sears offers. This shade works with most color schemes but may appear perpetually dirty next to pure white.

Cape Cod Gray

The darkest gray from Sears, Cape Cod Gray is still very light and features a blue-green tinge. This color is cool and neutral, neither absorbing nor reflecting a great deal of light.

Glacier White

The purest white, Glacier White from Sears reflects more light than any other color siding. This effect can actually lower the ambient temperature in the home, allowing you to save money on the heating bill. White does show dirt more easily than other colors, so Glacier White siding may require more frequent cleaning.