Uses for a Birdbath

Bird baths are common decorations for most gardens, but they are also useful for a myriad of other creative ideas in and around the household. Using bird baths in a yard, including water, often has many drawbacks including dirty water that needs constant changing and a breeding ground for mosquitoes. However, many uses for birdbaths don’t require any water. The shape and size of your birdbath influence the kind of décor for which you can use it.

Birdbath Planter

Creative bird bath ideas for better decorating

One way of using your birdbath in a slightly non-traditional way is by planting flowers or other plants inside. For this project you will want a slightly larger than normal birdbath with enough depth so the plants have room to root out a bit. You can fill the birdbath with nutritious plant soil and a wide variety of plants. Flowers that complement the color of your birdbath or yard can be aesthetically pleasing. You can also plant the same or similar flowers around the base of the birdbath to help connect it to your yard.

Birdbath Statue

Filling your birdbath with stones can make a detailed artistic decoration. One way to do this would be to fill your birdbath with light blue glass stones. This gives the impression that the birdbath has water inside. You can also put small statues such as stone birds in the birdbath to add additional flair.

Birdbath End Table

You can use birdbaths indoors instead of outdoors. One way to use your birdbath indoors is by using it as an end table. You want a birdbath that is the right height to complement the rest of the furniture in the room. Once you have the right birdbath, you can lay a round piece of glass on top to create the end table. To make it even more interesting, you can put various decorations in the empty space beneath the glass.

Birdbath for the Bathroom

Small birdbaths make for effective accessories for bathroom decorating. You can use a small birdbath to hold soap bars and rolled up washcloths. This application also works for storing men's shaving tools like a straight razor, soap, lather and dry brush.

Birdbath in the Entryway

Birdbaths make interesting focal points for entryways in homes. You can fill it slightly with water and place floating candles in the water to set a peaceful atmosphere for your home.